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Vegetable Glycerine 1 Oz.

Vegetable Glycerine 1 Oz.

Product Details

This is the thick watery substance remaining behind when vegetable palm oils are pressed. The oil separates and is extracted. This semisolid ingredient has been used for centuries. It's softening powers are so great that they use it to soften animal skins for clothing use. Most every lotion, care product, or cosmetic formulation has glycerine in it. It has restorative properties and is used in skin burn treatments. There is also synthetic vegetable glycerine (man-made petroleum-based) and animal glycerine.

Vegetable glycerine is also a substitute for sugar in many foods. It is easily digested and provides about 80 calories per tablespoon. It's anti-bacterial properties makes it excellent for the preservation of herbal extracts.

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