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We here at the Marsh make every effort to get your candles to you in the best condition possible. However, the weather is beyond our control and during the hot summer months, there may be some melting. This is far more likely to happen if your package is stored in the back of a shipping truck over the weekend. Please order as early in the week as possible so that we are able to get your candles to you before Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

About Candles

Candles have a unique place in our society today, and are also an incredible link with our past. Unlike anything else, candles convey messages of romance, warmth, spirituality, secret wishes, and brightness- all within the simple construct of wax & wick! As a source of light and illumination, they are beautiful and romantic; as a tool for prayer, meditation and magick, they are mesmerizing and powerful.

The power of the Flame is neither male or female, but all and everything. The flame represents and links with the source of our creation. It speaks to the soul spark- that is above & below- within and without- that which links us all together. Burning candles are complete in themselves representing Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. You represent Spirit and will- completing the circle.

From Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham. "Indeed, the changethat occur when fire is touched to wick are extraordinary. The candle itself, unlit, represents the element of Earth. When touched with Fire the candle melts, producing liquid wax (representing the element of Water) and the smoke (the element of Air). This seemingly miraculous process is another reason why candles are an accepted part of folk magick."

Candles have existed for nearly as long as humans have mastered fire. Before the affordability of candles, oil lamps and lanterns were used to light homes, markets, temples, and shrines. Instead of today's neat taper or pillar made from petroleum wax, candles consisted of a shallow clay or wood vessels filled with wax or crude oil from animal fats and other natural resources.

During the ages when candles were much in use, they were regarded as precious, for the making of a candle took considerable effort and resources. In early times, during the yearly slaughter, all the animal fat or tallow was collected and boiled down to make the years worth of candles & oil. These candles were used judiciously as there was no extra tallow during the winter months to make more candles. Early Asian candles were made with wax from insects and plants- a more exact process that didn't make as much smoke when burned. As the techniques for making candles progressed, they became more refined. Settlers in New England used the technique of boiling and skimming over one and a half quarts of bayberries to obtain enough wax to make an 8-inch taper. When Electricity became the mode of light, candles became less important. They were used for vigils, celebrations and to represent milestones in life.

The shapes and colors, versatility, and quality of light of modern candles make them perfect companions for spiritual work.

Check out our Candle FAQ.

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