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Are Your Products Organic?

The Short Answer

We cannot guarantee any product is organic nor will we make unsubstantiated claims.If the supplier has paid for the Organic stamp we will include it on our label. However, DragonMarsh requires our herbs & spices to be Grade A and pesticide, herbicide, and irradiation free.

The Long Answer

Organic products must be grown on land that has not had synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, insecticides, or herbicides applied to it for a minimum of three years. Organics are not necessarily more nutritious or better tasting that conventionally grown products, and there aren't any conclusive studies that prove they're safer to eat. So why buy them? Buying organics makes sense for the socially responsible shopper because it proves you wish to help the Earth. But many times, you are not getting what you think you are paying for.


Organic agriculture requires a different mindset than conventional modern agriculture. Conventional agriculture focuses on pushing resources to obtain maximum yield. This focus was developed as 20th-century farmers needed to feed an ever-growing number of hungry mouths. But what produces tremendous yield in the short run can be harmful to the land in the long run and may eventually jeopardize its ability to produce. Planting the same crop year after year, as is done in conventional farming, can deplete the soil of its nutrients and encourage infestations of harmful weeds and pests. Conventional farming methods erode over 30 billion tons of topsoil from US croplands each year. Organic farming instead uses earth-friendly pest control methods like crop rotation and beneficial insects. Organic farmers work to replenish and preserve the land for future generations, building the soil by using composted manure and crop diversification. But the farmer's neighbor may be farming the old fashion way and his sprays, fertilizers and water runoff will over-spray onto the Organic Farmer's field. Plus we are bothered that many organic farms are very close, if not next to the highways and freeways of today's population. This location exposes the fields to all the car and truck fumes spewing toxic metals right over the "Organic" farmer's field. Note, it is not required to be fume free or heavy metal free for certification.


The labeling that a product is organic is only a paid certification seal. To qualify for this seal, an organic farmer must maintain and document organic practices for three years. After this time, the certifying agency the farmer has chosen to work with sends an inspector to the site to approve the operation and grant the certification seal. The farmer maintains the organic status by keeping thorough records of soil and water testing; crop rotations; weed, insect and disease controls; a crop field lot number system; and records of agreements with neighboring landowners and county officials about spraying in the vicinity. There is no real product testing to see if the petitioning farm's products are any better or safer than the farmer's product next door. Due to the lack of resources, many of these certifications are granted on the honor system as there are not enough inspectors to check each field. The farmers pays a little for the certification seal that allows them to proclaim their products as organic, and thus, worthy of a higher price.


To qualify for “Organic” designation you must guarantee that at least 70% of your crop is organic. There is leeway to use nonorganic procedures during the non-harvesting times of growing. These may be soil replenishment during fallow times or should total crop failure occur. Through the use of natural untreated fertilizers, derived from human or domestic animal waste, the crops can be exposed to all the antibiotics, hormones, and diseases that can be passed on through such waste by-products. It may be Organically approved, but is it medically and ethically safe?


Some of our product sources claim to be organic, however we do not advertise this because of the unknown factors listed above. By request we have started putting the label on packages if the source has the certification. We do guarantee that our products are first grade. They are guaranteed to be free of added pesticides, herbicides, and not irradiated (microwaved).


DragonMarsh stores them in a pest free warehouse, kept pest-free without the use of sprays or baits. All items are packed with our clean packaging process. Each item is individually processed thus eliminating the possibility of cross contamination or name confusion. All our products are packaged in PET food grade plastic bags with biodegradable labels to help the environment.


Feel free to contact us at any time and discuss our packaging process and safe food handling of our products.


Candle Safety

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Do not burn near flammable objects such as curtains, lampshades, or blankets.
  • Burn only on heat resistant surfaces - they can become hot enough to damage furniture.
  • Do not move a burning candle, or place in a draft.
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not place lighted candles where they can be knocked over by children, pets, or anyone else.
  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch (about the thickness of a pencil) to avoid excessive smoking.
  • Always use a candleholder specifically designed for candle use. The holder should be heat resistant, sturdy, and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax. Be sure the candleholder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
  • One of the safest ways to extinguish a candle is to use a candle snuffer, which helps prevent hot wax from splattering. Do not extinguish candles with water. The water can cause the hot wax to spatter and can cause glass containers to break.
  • If you drip hot wax on your skin, rinse immediately in cold water. Do not try to wipe off the hot wax, as it will spread the burn. After soothing with cold water, treat the burn.

Basic Candle Types


Any candle that is poured into a container (glass/metal) and intended to be burned in the container. These candles are often made of soft wax and would not be able to stand on their own outside their enclosures. The container also prevents soft wax from dripping. Since these candles are safely contained in a vessel, they are often used in restaurants and in religious rituals that require long-burning candles.


A candle with a geometrical cross section such as a circle, oval, or hexagon is called a pillar. It is usually referred to by its diameter followed by its height. For example, a 3-by 6-inch pillar would be 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches high. Some tall pillars can also be referred to as tapers because they are tall, but a true taper is tapered toward the top and a pillar has only a point at the very top (see below). DragonMarsh’s most popular is a 1.5” x 9” circular pillar. DragonMarsh also carries an assortment of 7/8” x 6” pillars.


These are the long cylindrical candles that gently taper from base to tip, most often seen in traditional candleholders. Tapers are generally made 1/2 inch or 7/8 inch in diameter at the base because most holders are designed to fit these two sizes. There are, of course, exceptions, such as birthday candles (3/16 inch) and Danish tapers (1/4 inch). DragonMarsh Carries gold & silver dipped tapers.

How long will my candle burn?

Length of candle burning depends on the energy in the environment where it is burned and what has been added to the candle (such as oils & herbs). To make a candle burn longer- place in a freezer or fridge overnight before use. Freezer not recommended with jar candles.

    These times are an average
  • 7-Day Jar Candles - apx 120 hours
  • 9” pillars - apx 30 hours
  • Votives - apx 20 hrs
  • Empowered candles
    • Tin - apx 24 hrs
    • Small jar - apx 44 hrs
    • Large jar - apx 70 hrs

It is believed that the way a candle burns and how fast or slow it burns can determine how successful or unsuccessful it will be. Many believe that a fast-burning candle means that you will be successful fast, or that your candle is working hard for you and burning itself up in the process. Others believe that if a candle keeps going out that the person/situation may be resisting, or you need to do more work (or the candle is in a draft!). Many believe if a candle has problems burning it might be a sign that you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing!

My jar candle turned black! My candle keeps going out! My candle drips a lot! My candle is flickering! What does it mean?

After burning is completed, many people believe if your jar candle is completely black after burning it, then you need to do more work for that purpose. If your flame goes out during the work then the situation you are working for may be resisting or you need to do more work on it. If the jar is only half black then it may be that you will have a lot of problems in the beginning and then they will get better, but you likely still need to do more work on the situation or purpose.

Remember, environment will play a major role here as well. If your candle is in a place where the flame will be blown by air or tampered with in other ways (oils & herbs), then it may burn unusually. Often a wick that has not been trimmed to 1/4”-1/2” will create extra soot. So, be sure your candle is placed where you can get an accurate evaluation.

Are your Candles Dressed or Undressed? Are they Programmed?

All our basic candles come undressed or “virgin”. These candles should be programmed/dressed prior to lighting or when relighting by visualizing your intent. If you would like these candles dressed for a small fee please email us.

If you are looking for a dressed/fixed/charged and empowered candle ready to use- please see our empowered candles.

Are your candles Scented?

All our 7 day jar candles are unscented except for the Bayberry Jar candle. The 9” pillars and 6” pillars are also unscented. To scent these candles, we suggest looking at the Essential & Perfume oils or our Spiritual oils.

The empowered candles are scented.

Candle Colors

The uses for candles often depend upon their color. In ancient times candles were not colored and certainly not the bright clear hues of candles today. Historical candles took on the color of the fat, oils, wax and sometimes herbs used in making the candle. Most often they were off white to brown in color. Beeswax candles were costly (common people would rather have had the honey to eat/sell than the wax for candles) and mainly used by churches. Color in candles is a relatively new invention and the colors are for beauty and to help YOU focus.

Color is very important in candle magic. Color has subtle influences and each one vibrates at a different frequency. Because of the different effects of color on the human psyche and the surrounding environment, different colored candles are used for different magical end-results.

We have included here, descriptions and properties of each color using a combination of traditional & modern color charts your intent. Please select the color(s) you need. Choose what you want to work on for example a green candle can be money or health depending on your focus.

Remember-the most important thing is what “feels right” to you. If you are distracted by the color of your candle, you will not be able to focus well on your work.


White can be used to replace any color candle you do not have. Blessings, Blessings to thank a higher power, Cleansing, Fight /ward off enemies, Peacefulness, Protection, Purity, Raise vibrations of positive light, Repel negative & destructive forces, Spirituality, Virginity.


If you are worried your neighbors will look funny at the black candle burning, replace with a White candle. Absorption and destruction of negative energy, Absorb Illnesses and nasty habits, Baneful energies, Banishing Magic, Binding, Break unwanted patterns, Casting out, Clear away blocks, Closing of doors, Creates a void and vacuum that you can fill with another wanted energy, Crone energies, Divination, Endings, Lost items, Mirror scrying, Mystery and secrets, New moon magic, Protection, Releasing energy or Exorcisms, Repelling negativity, Remove creative blocks, Repulsion, Solving questions or mysteries, Sorrow, Reversing, Transformation, Uncrossing, Understand your karma.


Grey can also replace Silver. Cleanse unwanted energies, Destroying negative forces, Erasing Negative feelings, Erase/ cancel something out which has been sent out, Lessens the impact of mistakes, Neutralizes stress, Past life recall, Reaching Compromises.


Anger, Blood of the Moon, Career Goals, Conquers fear, Courage, Desire, Driving Force, Energy, Enthusiasm, Fire, Fast Action, Impulsiveness, Life, Love, Lust, Magnetism, Passion, Protection against ones enemies, Protection and defensive magic, Romantic atmosphere, Sexual attraction, Survival, Strength, Vibrancy, Vitality, Ward off jealousy and hate, Will power.


Affection, Banishment of negative thoughts/fears/entity's or ill intent of others, Beauty, Caring straight from the heart & selfless caring, Compassion, Diplomacy, Emotional love, Femininity, Friendships, Harmony, Healing of Emotions, Helps heal the damages of abuse/accidents/trauma, Honor, Love, Leadership, Morality, Nurturing and sympathetic magic, Partnership of Emotional Maturity, Peace, Planetary good will, Relaxation, Self love, Service, Spiritual awakening, Unselfishness.


Action, Adaptability, Ambition, Attracts luck and money, Authority, Business Goals, Career Goals; Changes, Confidence, Discourages laziness & promotes down to earth light hearted fun, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Joyfulness, Justice, Gambling encouragement, Gives needed energy, Good fortune, Healing, Helps break out of the doldrums or a rut, Hopefulness, Hospitality, Legal Matters, Mental clarity, Organization Strength, Property Deals, Receptivity, Sealing a spell, Self-control, Stimulation, Success, Vitality.


Yellow can also replace Gold Air, Ability to retain things that are learned, Action, Activity, Calming mood swings, Calming tensions, Cheerfulness, Clairvoyance, Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Divination, Drive away jealousy and envy, Establish knowledge or gain insight to problems or upset, House blessing, Intelligence, Imagination, Learning, Mental unbalance corrected, Power of the mind, Protection, Success, Unity.


Abundance, Ambition, Balance, Better business, Cooperation, Creative ideas, Employment, Fertility and childhood growth, Gambling luck, Generosity, Good crops, Good luck, good fortune, Growth, Growing, Monetary Success; Mother Nature, Overcoming greed or envy, Physical Healing, Plants, Personal Goals, Prosperity, Regeneration, Rewards, Steady work, Success, Tree and Plant Magic.


Astral travel, Calmness, Calming, Healing energies, Creativity, Deep emotion meditation, Depresses excess energy, Devotion, Fidelity, Forgiveness, Good Fortune; Happiness, Honesty, Immortality, Inspiration, Insomnia, Justice, Kindness, Loyalty, Opening blocked communication, Patience, Peace, Reassurance, Relieves worry and stress, Serenity, Spiritual Inspiration; Spiritual wellness, Subduing, Tranquility, Truth, Water, Wisdom, Woman's magic


Astral travel, Command, Concentration, Control over self, Court cases, Dignity, Divination, Dreams, Governmental issues, Hidden knowledge, High idealism, Honor, Independence, Knowledge, Meditation, Obedience, Overcome odds or competition, Pride, Protection, Progress, Repels negativity, Psychic awareness, Respect, Self assurance, Spirituality, Wealth, Wisdom, Work success, Victory


Attune with nature, Concentration, Court cases, Determination, Earth, Earth magic, Find lost items, Firmness, Grounding & centering, Growth, Herb magic, Indecision, Long term achievements, Overcoming hesitation, Peace in the home, Pet magic, Pet Healing, Planting, Success in business, Stability.


Attracts higher influences, Attracts energy, Attracting positive people to your life, Gambling luck, Good business & financial success, Happiness gains, Invoking the sun Power of the Male, Money, Power, Prosperity, Success, Wealth, God energies


Adaptable. Astral Energies, Clairvoyance, Communication, Conducts energy, Dreams, Female Power, Feminine health issues, Goddess energies, Intuition, Invoking the Moon, Lunar energy, Meditation, Menopause, Moon magic, Mysticism, Opens astral gates, Receptivity, Removes negative forces, Telepathy, Women's mysteries secrets- especially any of the Rites of Passage– from childhood to puberty to fertility, in pregnancy.



(half red, half black OR black over red) These are also called Reversible Action Candles, Blood candles or double action candles depending on the exact coloring. All have two colors: red & black. Use these candles to reverse a situation, reverse negative energy from yourself and send it back to the sender, or uncrossing. Draws out and destroys negativity, replacing it with positive energy; returns negativity to its source.

Reversible Action Candles, Blood candles

These appear to be black candles, but they are really red candles coated with a layer of black wax. As the inner color drips over the outer color (some say it looks like blood), it works to dispel evil and send it back from wherever it came. It has more strength than a regular black candle in doing this, and it also has the added bonus of drawing good luck to you after removing the bad luck. If the candle decides not to drip, then just cut a little notch in the side of the top rim until the wax comes out. DragonMarsh carries these in 9” pillars.

Double Action Candles

These are half red and half black, they symbolize the positive and negative influences in your life. It is used to draw positive things to you and reverse negative things away from you. DragonMarsh carries these in 9” pillars and Jar Candles.

Rainbow 7 Color/Chakra Seven Day Candle

These are a color 7-layer jar candle. Purity, cleansing, aligning chakras, blessing, unity, harmony aids in deep meditation anything requiring full color spectrum.

Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the fragrant and volatile extracts from plants. They come from the different parts of different types of plants and include resins, leaves, spices, fruits, barks, roots, seeds, and flowers. They have the ability to influence the mind and body, affect mood, and address emotional or physical needs. An essential oil contains the life force of the plant, which is why it has such remarkable effects. They are 75 to 100 times more concentrated and powerful than dried herbs. Some Essential oils are so strong it is not recommended to put directly on the body. But they make wonderful medicinal remedies.

Essential oils vary in price depending on the amount of oil a certain plant yields, the quality, source, process, and purity. A general rule is that the more oil there is in a plant, the less expensive it is. Examples of low yielding plants are rose and violet, which are quite costly.

First process (squeeze or pour) is always the highest quality and the purest oil. Many producers process the same plant material up to twenty times to create different grades of oils at different prices.

Where Do Essential Oils Come From?

Essential oils are extracted from the matter of various plants in a few different ways:

Steam Distillation

Using a device much like a moonshine still, high heat is used to separate the oils from the plant material. The resulting material is then left to separate into pure essential oils and hydrosols (highly scented floral waters are a byproduct of this procedure).


Mechanical or cold pressed plant material is used on items with excess oil. Sometimes it is then further distilled after this. Look for unrefined oils as in base/carrier oils.


Flowers are soaked in hot fats until the cells in the plant material burst and the oil is released. The fats are then dissolved leaving the essential oil. This procedure is very expensive and seems to only work on flowers.

CO2 Distillation

Lower heat is used, as with steam distillation, but the material being processed is then flooded with CO2 to push the oils from the plant matter. This method is used to yield a bigger production but is more expensive.

Uses For Essential Oils

Massage Oil

Add essential oils to base/carrier oils. We recommend 10-25 drops per 4 oz.


Add essential oils to hot water – inhale. Cover head and bowl with towel –optional. Five drops to a bowl (cereal size) of water.

Facial Mask

Add essential oils to Jojoba Oil. Add this mixture to clay, yogurt, bee pollen, avocado, cornmeal, oatmeal, or aloe vera. Five to 10 drops Jojoba.


Add essential oils to warm bath water. Soak in and inhale. Five to ten drops in running water.

Air Freshener

Add essential oils to water in a spray bottle – shake before each use. Use 10-20 drops of essential oil to 8 oz. of water.


Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Neroli, Petigrain, Vertiver.


Cypress, Mandarin, Cardamon, Lemon, Rose Otto, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lavender.


Peppermint, Rosemary, Pine, Basil, Juniper, Grapefruit, Helichrysm, Eucalyptus.


Lemon, Geranium, Rosewood, Bergamot, Cistus, Orange, Coriander, Petigrain.

The Best Way To Learn About Aromatherapy

If you are interested in learning more about aromatherapy, this is a good place to start. Did you know that anyone can teach about oils and aromatherapy? There is no licensing or authoritative department of the state or federal government regulating anyone’s ability to practice aromatherapy or the qualities of the oils that a company produces. Because of this, it is best if you learn as much as you can from many different sources about the art of healing with scent, as well as the more scientific area of identifying specific oils and their qualities, physically and therapeutic.

Still wondering where to start? Read as many books as you can about the subject! We try to carry several books in stock. Practice with the actual oils and create recipes from books, and as you become more confident in your knowledge and skill, you can create your own unique scents. Be a patient teacher with yourself -learning anything new can be a slow process. If you learn best with in a more guided and hands-on environment, there are several videos/classes by legitimate aromatherapy practitioners on the market.

If, however, you still feel the need for an experienced instructor, remember to check that the place you register for a class does not produce the oils used in the class. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying to be the subject of cleverly disguised advertising, and not a real class. And it never hurts to check that there are no multi-market/multi level sales pitches attached to your class.

DragonMarsh offers ‘free of covert advertising’ classes in aromatherapy. The class we offer will give you a basic understanding of essential oils and how to use them. You will learn the basic uses of many individual oils and learn how to identify and buy quality oils at a fair value. You'll also become familiarized with allergy and other safety precautions when it comes to handling oils, and learn how to design different types of aromatherapy products.

Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oils should be used with caution on the following:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • The elderly
  • Persons with heart conditions or high/low blood-pressure
  • Skin and sun sensitive persons
  • Persons with cancer
  • Persons with allergies
  • Persons with AIDS/HIV+ or other Immunity compromised health issues

Always keep oils tightly closed and away from children. Keep oils away from eyes. Flush eyes with water if this happens, and contact a health care physician immediately.

Heat destroys oils. Keep smaller bottles in purse, desk or glove-box for everyday use, and the rest in a cool dark place (refrigerator or cabinet).

The Shelf Life of Essential Oils

The average shelf life of an essential oil is approximately two years. Heat will cause the oils to evaporate, and light will alter their chemical make-up. To increase your oils shelf life, keep your oils in dark amber bottles. You can further increase their shelf life by keeping said bottles in a sealed box kept in the refrigerator. If you do this, always remember to let them come to room temperature before using.

Although some oils do not turn rancid, their scent and action can change. Some oils like patchouli and various wood and resin oils actually improve with age. Some citrus oils lose their perk after one year. Buy only as much as you need for your current project.

When storing oils, do not store them in soft plastic or rubber, or near rubber products (such as droppers). The essential oils are so strong they will dissolve the plastic and rubber.

Apothecary Conversion Chart

1 Dram = 1/8 Oz. = 3.69 ML = 57 Drops
2 Dram = 1/4 Oz. = 7.39 ML = 114 Drops
4 Dram = 1/2 Oz. = 14.78 ML = 228 drops
8 Dram = 1 Oz. = 29.57 ML = 456 drops


I don't have the right herb(s). What can I substitute for it?

Finding the right herb for a particular spell can behard, but finding a substitute can be easy. Belladonna can be hard to find but Tobacco is readily available. Please check the chart below for alternative herbs that can be substituted.

Herb Substitute
ACACIA Gum Arabic
ARABIC GUM Frankincense, Gum Mastic, Gum Tragacanth (for binding wet ingredients, not for incense)
ASAFOETIDA Tobacco; Valerian
*** ***
BALM OF GILEAD Rose buds, Gum Mastic
BDELLIUM , GUM Copal; Pine resin; Dragons Blood
BENZOIN Gum Arabic; Gum Mastic
*** ***
CACHANA Angelica Root
CARNATION Rose petals anointed with a few drops of clove oil
CASSIA Cinnamon
CASTOR BEAN A few drops of Castor Oil
CEDAR Sandalwood
CINQUEFOIL Clover; Trefoil
CITRON Equal parts of Orange Peel & Lemon Peel
CLOVE Mace, Nutmeg
CLOVER Cinquefoil
COPAL Frankincense; Cedar
CYPRESS Juniper; Pine needles
*** ***
DEERSTONGUE Tonka Bean (not for internal use); Woodruff; Vanilla
DRAGONS BLOOD Equal Parts of Red Sandalwood and Frankincense
*** ***
EUCALYPTUS OIL Camphor oil; Lavender Oil
*** ***
FRANKINCENSE Copal; Pine resin
*** ***
GALANGAL Ginger Root
GUM BDELLIUM Copal; Pine resin; Dragons Blood
*** ***
HELLEBORE Tobacco; Nettle
HEMP Nutmeg; Damiana; Star Anise; Bay
HYSSOP Lavender
*** ***
IVY Cinquefoil
*** ***
*** ***
LEMON PEEL Lemongrass
LEMON VERBENA Lemongrass; Lemon peel
*** ***
MACE Nutmeg
MASTIC GUM Gum Arabic; Frankincense
MINT(any sort) Sage
MUGWORT Wormwood
*** ***
NUTMEG Mace; Cinnamon
*** ***
OAKMOSS Patchouli
ORANGE Tangerine Peel
*** ***
PEPPERWORT Rue; Grains of Paradise; Black Pepper
PINE Juniper
PINE RESIN Frankincense; Copal
*** ***
RED SANDALWOOD Sandalwood mixed with a pinch of Dragons Blood
ROSE Yarrow
RUE Rosemary mixed with a pinch of black pepper
*** ***
SAFFRON Orange Peel
SASSAFRAS Sarsaparilla
SPEARMINT Peppermint
SULFUR Tobacco; Club Moss; Asafetida
*** ***
THYME Rosemary
TREFOIL Cinquefoil
*** ***
VALERIAN Asafetida
VANILLA Woodruff; Deerstongue; Tonka Bean
*** ***
WOOD ALOE Sandalwood Sprinkled with Ambergris Oil
WOODRUFF Deerstongue; Vanilla
*** ***
YEW Tobacco

Herbal Extracts

What Are Herbal Extracts?

An herbal extract is a preparation (usually liquid) of herbs made with a solvent that releases the active compounds from the cellulose, or plant material. Solvents used are often either alcohol (a tincture) or glycerin (glycerites). There has been research done to suggest that liquid herbal extracts are more effective and much stronger than pills or capsules that contain the same herbs. A high-quality extract should preserve the scent and taste of the herb or herbs from which it was made. Vanilla extract is a commonly used herbal extract.

Single herbs may be used for herbal extracts; however, multiple herbs with complementary properties that benefit specific conditions are often combined in the same extraction to make a tincture blend. A more specific method, giving more controllable results, is to extract individual herbs and then combine them in exact proportions.

Why is there alcohol in liquid herbal extracts?

Alcohol is the best food grade solvent for the extraction and preservation of many herbal properties that are poorly soluble in water, such as essential oils, resins, balsams, and many of the alkaloids we use. Alcohol is also an excellent preservative, which will prolong the shelf-life of the extracts with proper storage and care. It is also helpful in the absorption of the herbs into the bloodstream.

How much alcohol is in liquid herbal extracts and how much alcohol am I really consuming?

The actual amount of alcohol in each extract varies and is clearly labeled on each bottle. Depending on the herb, the amount of alcohol can be anywhere from 20% to 90%, but the amount you consume is very small. For example, taking 30 drops of Echinacea liquid (45% to 50% of alcohol content) amounts to consuming roughly 1/85th of an 8 oz glass of wine. If you add those same 30 drops to 2 oz of water, the mixture will only contain .59% alcohol.

Are the extracts made from fresh herbs better than the extracts made from dry herbs?

This will actually depend on the unique herbs being extracted. While some herbs are indeed much more effective when extracted while still fresh (e.g. Shepherd’s Purse), there are also a great many herbs that are better extracted when dried (e.g. Hops). Also, some other herbs are best when semi extracted or fermented. Others may be overly strong when fresh and must be dried and aged at least a year before being extracted. Keep in mind that each herb has its own unique properties and must be treated accordingly. There are no universal rules when it comes to herbal extraction and handling.

How many drops of the extract are in a 1 oz bottle?

The number of drops in a 1 oz. bottle of a liquid herbal extract will vary depending on the extract. Some extracts are thicker than others. For example, the Echinacea extract contains only about 1,184 drops, while Marshmallow extract, which is much thicker, contains only 1,000 drops. For the most part, most extracts will contain between 1,000 to 1,300 drops per ounce.

How do I take my liquid herbal extract?

You should always put the extracts into water or juice before drinking them. Taking them straight from the dropper not only could possibly introduce outside pathogens into the dropper and may cause a burning sensation in the mouth and throat. Mix the number of drops found on the side of the bottle into 1 to 2 oz. of water or juice unless directed otherwise on the bottle or by your health care professional. You may also add the drops to warm (not boiling) tea. Always follow label instruction and the instructions of your healthcare provider.

What is the shelf-life/how do I store them?

In general, the herbal extracts we sell have a shelf life of between 3 and 5 years. The dosage form (alcohol or glycerin) will impact the shelf-life, with alcohol-based extracts having a longer life than those in a glycerin base. For best results, store your herbal extracts in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct light. Please make sure to shake your bottle before use as some extracts will separate after sitting for a while.

Why are Herb Pharm Herbal Extracts far superior to taking most capsules and tablets?

Here are a few reasons why this simple yet sophisticated method of taking herbal medicines is far superior to taking most capsules and tablets.

Your Body Absorbs Liquids Better

One of the primary benefits of using liquid herbal extracts is that they do not require digestion. You don’t need to extract what is medicinal from the plant cellulose before it can be absorbed – this has already been done for you. As you would expect, liquid herbal extracts are of particular benefit to those individuals who possess impaired digestive function. In many situations where digestion is not optimally functioning, it simply makes little sense to give a medicine in any form, other than liquid.

Tasting the Herb Can Aid Effectiveness

There are five primary tastes in our universe – sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Unfortunately, western medical science has mainly researched sweet, salty, and bitter. In each instance, however, science has shown that when a taste is perceived by a taste receptor on the tongue, neurotransmitters are released into nervous tissue fibers that result in signaling the medulla of the brain. In the case of the ‘bitter experience’, once this initial signal from the tongue reaches the medulla, a nerve impulse is then initiated which results in an increase in gastric, pancreatic, gallbladder, and liver secretion. Simply by tasting something bitter you’re able to fortify a myriad of digestive functions.

Fresh from the Field Extraction

Some plants must be extracted in their fresh state, while others must be extracted dried to produce a medicine of any worth. By producing liquid extracts Herb Pharm is able to extract the herb fresh or dried, selecting whichever produces the best medicine. Of course, this is impossible to achieve with crude, dried herb capsules and tablets.

Liquid Extracts Last Longer

Most liquid herbal extracts have an excellent shelf life. This is an important consideration for any individual who stores extracts for personal use, sale, or prescription. As a general rule, liquid extracts containing alcohol have an expected shelf life of 5 years, while those containing no alcohol (glycerites) are best used within 3 years. While the shelf life of many extracts will certainly surpass these estimates, for the safe and effective use of liquid herbal extracts these approximations are best adhered to. In contrast to the excellent shelf-life of liquid herbal extracts, studies indicate that crude, dried Echinacea capsules lose approximately 90% of their activity in a little more than a year from their manufacture date.

Dosing with Drops is Simple & Flexible

The sophistication of liquid extract delivery is no more apparent than when it comes to dosage flexibility. For example, when using liquid herbal extracts a pediatrician is able to give a small child a fraction of a single drop simply by placing one drop of the extract in one ounce of water or juice and administering the appropriate fraction of the solution. You simply cannot do this with any other delivery system.

Trust & Quality

Herbpharm is located in Oregon in the united States. They are required to follow USDA and FDA rules and safety for harvesting, creating & packaging. Herbpharm is certified organic.


Which Soaps have the property I am looking for?

Not sure which soap has the properties that you are looking for? Check out this chart.

Properties Soap
abundance Amande
acceptance Tiger Lily
baby blessing Wildflower
balance Patchouli
banishing negativity Peony, Sea Salt
calm energy Ocean Air
calming Green Tea, Jade Vine, Linden, Patchouli
chakra Lime Zest
clarity Lime Zest, Rosemary Mint
cleanse doubt Milk
cleansing Agrumes, Lime Zest, Peony, Sea Salt, Sweet Lemon, Verbena
courage Green Tea, Starfllower
divination Juicy Pomegranate
emotional balance Cashmere Woods
emotional release Tiger Lily
energy Lime Zest
fertility Juicy Pomegranate, Patchouli
friendship Sweet Lemon
grounding Patchouli
happiness Lavender, Lily of the Valley
healing Agrumes, Amande, Cashmere Woods, Laurel, Mint Leaf, Mirabelle, Peony, Persimmon, Rose Petal, Rosemary Mint, Spiced Rum
health Spiced Balsam
helps shield against other energies Jade Vine
inner peace Ocean Air
joy Wildflower
longevity Milk, Sage
love Cashmere Woods, Lemongrass, Linden, Mint Leaf, Mirabelle, Raspberry, Rose Petal, Spiced Balsam, Spiced Rum, Sweet Lemon, Verbena, White Gardenia, Wildflower
luck Cashmere Woods, Juicy Pomegranate, Linden, Peony, Persimmon, Rose Petal, Spiced Balsam, Wildflower
memory & study Lily of the Valley
mental clarity Amande
money Green Tea, Honey Almond, Juicy Pomegranate, Milk, Mint Leaf, Patchouli, Peony, Rosemary Mint, Spiced Balsam, Spiced Rum
new beginnings Milk
passion Mirabelle
peace Lavender, White Gardenia
prosperity Honey Almond, Mirabelle
protection Coconut, Laurel, Linden, Milk, Mirabelle, Patchouli, Peony, Raspberry, Rose Petal, Rosemary Mint, Sage, Spiced Balsam, Spiced Rum, Tiger Lily
protects against negativity Jade Vine
psychic awareness Laurel, Lemongrass, Mint Leaf, Rose Petal, Starfllower
psychic powers Lily of the Valley
purification Cashmere Woods, Coconut, Laurel, Lavender, Mint Leaf, Sweet Lemon, Verbena
relaxing Jade Vine
release unwanted energy Linden
relieve stress Freesia
removes bad/negative energy Sage
renewal Agrumes, Milk
revalation Freesia
sleep Lavender, Mirabelle, Rosemary Mint
spirituality Spiced Balsam, Spiced Rum, White Gardenia
strength Green Tea, Laurel, Spiced Balsam, Spiced Rum, Starfllower
study Rosemary Mint
success Spiced Rum
sun energy Agrumes
transition Mirabelle
trust Freesia
uncrossing Sage, Sea Salt
uplifting Lily of the Valley
wisdom Honey Almond, Mirabelle, Sage
wishes Juicy Pomegranate

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