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Tuberose Essential Oil 1/32nd Oz. Oz. (Polianthese tuberosa)

Tuberose Essential Oil 1/32nd Oz. Oz. (Polianthese tuberosa)

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Aromatherapists value Turmeric essential oil for its mood-balancing properties. The warm, earthy aroma with subtle peppery notes is believed to promote feelings of calm and focus. Diffusing Turmeric oil can create a relaxing atmosphere that may be helpful during meditation or yoga. Inhaling Turmeric oil may also be beneficial for those experiencing emotional distress or low mood.

Turmeric essential oil blends well with a variety of other oils for aromatherapy. For an invigorating and mood-uplifting experience, try combining Turmeric with citrus oils like grapefruit or lemon. To create a more calming and grounding atmosphere, blend turmeric with clary sage or sandalwood.

Turmeric essential oil also holds significance in some magical practices. Its golden color associates it with the sun and solar energy, lending it a masculine vibe. It is believed to stimulate creativity and willpower. In rituals, Turmeric oil can be diffused to create a space of inspiration or used in topical applications (always diluted in a carrier oil!) to promote feelings of confidence and inner strength.

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