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Tuberose, (7% Essential in Sweet Almond Oil) 1/8th Oz. (Polianthese tuberosa)

Tuberose, (7% Essential in Sweet Almond Oil) 1/8th Oz. (Polianthese tuberosa)

Product Details

This is a 7% dilution of Tuberose essential oil in a Sweet Almond oil base.

Tuberose essential oil, extracted from the beautiful white flowers of the Polianthes Tuberosa plant, is prized for its complex aroma. In aromatherapy, it's known for its calming and relaxing effects. The rich, floral scent with a hint of spice is believed to ease anxiety and promote emotional well-being. It's commonly diffused or diluted for topical application to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Due to its sensual and intoxicating nature, tuberose oil has a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac. Its romantic properties are said to heighten sensuality and create a mood conducive to intimacy. When diffused or incorporated into a massage oil blend (always diluted!), it can spark feelings of passion and connection.

For aromatherapy purposes, tuberose oil blends well with a variety of other essential oils. To enhance its calming properties, consider pairing it with lavender, chamomile, or bergamot. For a more uplifting and mood-boosting effect, try blending it with citrus oils like orange or grapefruit. When aiming to create a romantic atmosphere, ylang-ylang, jasmine, or sandalwood can be good companions for tuberose.

It's important to note that while aromatherapy offers potential benefits, it should not be considered a medical treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. Additionally, tuberose oil can be very potent and should be significantly diluted before topical application.

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