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Thyme, Red Essential Oil 1/8th Oz. (Thymus Vulgaris)

Thyme, Red Essential Oil 1/8th Oz. (Thymus Vulgaris)

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Red thyme essential oil, powerhouse of the herbal world, boasts a wealth of aromatherapy properties. Its invigorating aroma, with a spicy-herbaceous kick, stimulates the senses and mind. When diffused, red thyme oil can be particularly helpful during cold and flu season, promoting clear breathing and easing coughs. It can be especially effective when paired with eucalyptus or rosemary essential oils, creating a potent respiratory blend.

Beyond the physical, red thyme oil is said to have mood-lifting and purifying properties. It can be diffused to create a sense of focus and clarity, while also promoting feelings of strength and courage. When used in aromatherapy, red thyme is often incorporated into blends designed to banish negativity and promote mental resilience.

Red thyme essential oil is a potent substance and should always be diluted before use. A common dilution ratio is 3-5 drops of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, like jojoba or almond oil. Additionally, red thyme is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those with high blood pressure should avoid it altogether.

In the realm of magick, red thyme is associated with purification, protection, and strength. It has been used in rituals to cleanse sacred spaces and tools, and to create a barrier against negativity. Red thyme’s invigorating properties also make it a correspondences for spells focused on courage, determination, and overcoming challenges.

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