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Sweet Pea Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Sweet Pea Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Product Details

Sweet pea perfume oil is described as a light and floral scent, extremely sweet with honeyed or green undertones. Sweet pea is associated with feelings of love, innocence, and optimism. It's said to be uplifting and emotionally stimulating, potentially promoting feelings of courage and strength.

Sweet pea perfume oil pairs well with other floral scents like rose, lavender, or chamomile. You can also combine sweet pea with vanilla or sandalwood for a more sensual aroma.

For magick use, sweet pea is associated with new beginnings, love, and purity, using it in love spells or rituals intended to attract romance. It can be used for spells focused on emotional healing or self-love. Due to its connection to spring and new beginnings, sweet pea can be incorporated into rituals for starting fresh or manifesting new goals.

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