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Steak and Roast Seasoning 2 Oz. Bag

Steak and Roast Seasoning 2 Oz. Bag

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Ingredients: Salt, Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper, Thyme, Rosemary, Fennel, Sweet Paprika Flakes

Sprinkle on any meat -Beef, Lamb, Pork, Venison, or Poultry before or after cooking. This will become your best all purpose seasoning blend. Put it in with the marinade or rub, or sprinkle directly on the meat at the BBQ. Brings out the bold taste of the meat. Mix with butter for great garlic bread. The Marshies use it on everything and carry it with us when we go to restaurants. It has been used on vegetables, all kinds of potatoes, stuffings and rice, scrambled eggs and omelets, soups and beans. We love it.

This is one of the few blends we make WITH SALT AND BLACK PEPPER

For the past 5 years it has been the best seller of all of DragonMarsh spice blends.

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