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Sniffle & Allergy Tea Blend 1/2 Oz.

Sniffle & Allergy Tea Blend 1/2 Oz.

Product Details

DragonMarsh has made a medicinal tea to brew during the sniffle season or for minor allergies and hay fever. It's main use is to relieve congestion and runny noses. The herbs included are blended to complement your natural immune system without any energy spikes or depression lows. This mixture has a pleasant taste that is complemented by Lemon Juice or Stevia. It can be served Hot or Cold.

Since this formula will not make you drowsy, it can be sipped whenever you need it. Especially useful at night to keep you decongested enough to get a good night sleep. Many of our customers keep a bit on hand each spring for those annoying hay fever flare ups due to the erratic weather patterns. This formula does not have the herbs for fevers or for continued coughs as in Colds and Flu’s. Why take something when you do not need it? For those symptoms we suggest Mora’s Cold and Flu Tea made by DragonMarsh.

INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, Raspberry, Elder Flower, Elder Berry, Hyssop, Yarrow and Ginger

HOW TO MAKE THIS TEA: The basic Teas measurements is 1 Teaspoon per each 1 Cup of Water. Put Tea in Cup or Pot and pour HOT (not boiling) water over the Tea and let steep 4-6 minutes. For Ice Tea just add ice cubes. The Tea will have a "green" taste that most find pleasing. If you need further flavor, add Lemon or Lime Juice to the Tea or sweeten with Honey or Stevia.

After trying this Sniffle and Allergy Tea, you may find you wish it in pound packages! Just call for a quote and we will make you up a batch. Buying by the Pound is also 20% off the one half oz price.

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