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Rose Hips 1 Oz. (Rosa canina)

Rose Hips 1 Oz. (Rosa canina)

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One ounce, whole pod Tangy & full of Vitamin C.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Rose Hips (Rosa canina), come from a varity of rose called the dog rose. This wild rose species is native to Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia. Interestingly, the root of the the dog rose was once believed to be a cure for wild dog bites, reflecting its historical association with protection and healing.

Medicinally, the most well-known use is for its rose hips, which are packed with vitamin C. During World War II, rose was widely planted for its nutritional value. Even today, rose hip tea is a popular beverage enjoyed for its potential immune-boosting properties.

Culinary uses for Rose Hips extend beyond just tea. They can be made into syrups, jams, and even jellies. If you are wild harvesting, be sure to harvest from unsprayed plants and to identify the plant correctly to avoid confusion with similar-looking species..

Rose Hips are symbols of prosperity and abundance. The thorny nature of the plant also led to associations with protection and warding off negativity. While the rose itself is often linked to love and romance, Rose Hips take on a more symbolic meaning, representing resilience and the strength found in nature.

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