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Primrose Flower 1/2 Oz. (Cowslip) (Primula veris)

Primrose Flower 1/2 Oz. (Cowslip) (Primula veris)

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One half ounce, cut and sifted.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Primrose Flower (Primula veris), also known as Cowslip is a cheerful perennial with a long history in human culture. Native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia, these yellow flowered plants have been documented for centuries. Representations of the Primrose Flower can be found in Albrecht Dürer’s work "Tuft of Cowslips", showcasing its appreciation as a beautiful wildflower.

Medicinally, Primrose Flower has been used in various ways throughout history. Early herbalists used the petals to create sweet treats, while others believed the flowers possessed expectorant properties, beneficial for coughs and colds.

Primrose Flower have also found their way into culinary uses. The flowers were once used in salads and wine, though this practice has largely faded. However, the Primrose Flower’s delicate flavor can still be enjoyed in teas or as a garnish.

Beyond the physical realm, the Primrose Flower holds significance in magical traditions. Associated with spring and new beginnings, Primrose Flower was believed to possess aphrodisiac properties and used in love charms. It was also thought to ward off evil spirits and promote good luck.

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