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Poppy Seed, Blue 1 Oz. (Papaver somniferum)

Poppy Seed, Blue 1 Oz. (Papaver somniferum)

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One ounce, whole seed.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Poppy Seed (Papaver somniferum), also known as the opium poppy or breadseed poppy, boasts a long and multifaceted history. Cultivated for millennia, evidence suggests its presence in ancient Mesopotamia as early as 00 BC. Across civilizations, the opium poppy has found itself at the center of medicine, ritual, and even cuisine.

Culinary uses for Poppy Seed revolve primarily around its seeds. These tiny, black orbs, devoid of the psychoactive compounds found in the opium resin, lend a nutty flavor and satisfying crunch to various dishes. They are sprinkled on breads and pastries, used as a thickener in soups and stews, and even pressed for their oil, a versatile cooking fat. Despite their safety, poppy seeds can sometimes trigger false positives on drug tests due to trace amounts of opiates.

Finally, Poppy Seed has roots in magickal traditions across the globe. In ancient Greece, the poppy was associated with Hypnos, the god of sleep, due to its sedative properties. Poppy seed is often used to open the 3rd eye.

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