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Mustard Seed (Black) 1 Oz. Package

Mustard Seed (Black) 1 Oz. Package

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One ounce, whole seed.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Black mustard seeds (Sinapsis nigra), the smallest and most pungent of the mustard seeds, come from the Brassica nigra plant. The Romans used mustard for its medicinal properties, believing it could alleviate coughs and colds. Black mustard seeds were also a common condiment throughout the Roman Empire, though the mustards of that era would be quite different from the bright yellow mustard most familiar today.

Medicinally, black mustard seeds have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Black mustard seeds contain compounds that can irritate the skin when crushed or broken, and this property is harnessed in topical pain relievers like mustard plasters. Black mustard seeds are also believed to stimulate circulation and digestion.

Culinary uses for black mustard seeds are vast, particularly in Indian cuisine where they are a staple spice. Black mustard seeds are often used whole in curries and dals, adding a pungent, almost horseradish-like flavor. When ground, black mustard seeds are a key ingredient in certain types of prepared mustards, like Dijon mustard. The heat of black mustard seeds is more intense than other mustard seeds, so they are used in smaller quantities. Black mustard seeds can also be used whole in pickling brines or toasted to add depth to salad dressings.

Black mustard seeds also hold a place in magical traditions. In some cultures, black mustard seeds are seen as a symbol of protection and are used in rituals to ward off evil spirits or negative energies. Mustard seeds are also used in spells for prosperity and abundance.

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