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Mugwort Leaf 1 Oz. (Artemisia vulgaris) (Ai Ye)

Mugwort Leaf 1 Oz. (Artemisia vulgaris) (Ai Ye)

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One ounce, cut and sifted.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), AKA Artemis's Herb, boasting an impressive history. Nicknamed "mother of all herbs" in the Middle Ages, it was a staple in European and Asian medicine for centuries. Culinary uses also stretch back for millennia, with mugwort appearing in dishes across the globe.

Medicinally, mugwort’s reputation stemmed from its diverse compounds. It was used for everything from digestive troubles to menstrual cramps.

Culinary uses for mugwort are more geographically specific. In East Asia, mugwort leaves are steamed and used to make mochi, a sweet rice cake. Europeans have traditionally incorporated mugwort into beverages, with some using it as a bittering agent like hops. (Dragon’s note: I’ve tried Mugwort Ale, while it wasn’t a hop based ale, it wasn’t too bad..) While the bitter taste might not be for everyone, mugwort does add a unique herbal note to dishes.

Moreover, mugwort holds a special place in magickal traditions, used in rituals and divination for its purported connection to the unseen. Mugwort has been used in rituals for protection, purification, and divination. Some believe it enhances dreams and prophetic visions. Additional magickal uses include strength, healing, and astral travel.

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