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Mugwort Essential Oil 1/16th Oz. (Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort Essential Oil 1/16th Oz. (Artemisia vulgaris)

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Mugwort essential oil boasts a range of potential aromatherapy benefits. Its herbaceous, slightly Camphoraceous aroma is said to be uplifting and mood-enhancing. When diffused, mugwort can create a sense of calm and well-being, potentially easing anxiety, and situational depression. It may also promote relaxation during meditation by grounding your energy.

For topical application, mugwort oil is traditionally used diluted in a carrier oil to soothe inflammation and ease pain. However, due to a compound called thujone, mugwort can be toxic in high concentrations. It's crucial to consult a qualified aromatherapist before using mugwort topically, especially if you have any health concerns.

Mugwort's association with vivid dreams makes it a popular choice for magickal practitioners. A few drops diluted in a carrier oil can be added to an aromatherapy pillow to promote lucid dreaming and enhance dream recall. Inhaling Mugwort's vapors during meditation or divination rituals is also believed to heighten intuition and psychic abilities.

Due to thujone's presence, exercise caution when using mugwort essential oil. Avoid it altogether if pregnant, breastfeeding, or have epilepsy. Always dilute it properly and perform a patch test before topical application.

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