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Mojo Bean 1 Ea. (Horse Chestnut / Buckeye)

Mojo Bean 1 Ea. (Horse Chestnut / Buckeye)

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One Mojo (a.k.a Horse Chestnut or Wish) Bean. Carry this bean for good luck, or add it to a spell bag to make wishes come true.

Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra) also known as Mojo Bean, holds a unique place in North American history & folklore. Native Americans used the buckeye's poisonous properties for practical purposes. Ground buckeye powder was tossed into ponds to stun fish for easier capture. However, Buckeye toxicity also relegated it to medicinal applications with caution. In some folk traditions, buckeyes were used in healing rituals or as a tool to reduce pain, though any application should be used with extreme care.

Buckeye has a strong association with fortune. Carried as a charm or amulet, buckeye was believed to attract luck and prosperity. This association stems from the nut's smooth, chestnut-like appearance, reminiscent of a small coin. Buckeyes are also used for protection as well, warding off negative energies & the "evil eye" according to some beliefs.

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