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Long Pepper

Long Pepper

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One half ounce, whole peppercorn.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Long Pepper (Piper Longum) has a slender, spike-like shape. Unlike its close relative, black pepper, long pepper's origins are shrouded in mystery. Archaeological evidence suggests its use in India, while written records from Greece and Rome mention it as a prized spice traded along the Silk Road. During the Middle Ages, long pepper remained a valuable commodity in Europe, fetching higher prices than black pepper at times.

In traditional medicine, Ayurvedic practitioners value it for its warming properties and use it to treat respiratory problems, digestive issues, and inflammatory conditions. Chinese medicine incorporates it into herbal formulas for pain relief and to promote circulation.

Across Asia, long pepper adds a complex flavor profile to savory dishes, with notes of pepper, cinnamon, and cloves. Its subtle heat and warming effect make it a favored ingredient in curries, stews, and stir-fries. In Europe, long pepper was historically used in similar ways to black pepper, but its popularity waned somewhat after the Columbian Exchange introduced black pepper from the Americas. Today, long pepper is experiencing a resurgence in interest among chefs seeking unique and flavorful spices.

In some traditions, it was burned as incense during rituals or carried as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and negative influences.

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