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Black 9" Jumbo Pillar Candle

Black 9" Jumbo Pillar Candle

Product Details

If you are worried your neighbors will look funny at the black candle burning, replace with a White candle.
Absorption and destruction of negative energy, Absorb Illnesses and nasty habits, Baneful energies, Banishing Magic, Binding, Break unwanted patterns, Casting out, Clear away blocks, Closing of doors, Creates a void and vacuum that you can fill with another wanted energy, Crone energies, Divination, Endings, Lost items, Mirror scrying, Mystery and secrets, New moon magic, Protection, Releasing energy or Exorcisms, Repelling negativity, Remove creative blocks, Repulsion, Solving questions or mysteries, Sorrow, Reversing, Transformation, Uncrossing, Understand your karma.

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