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High John the Conquerer Root 1/4 Oz. (Ipomaea jalapa) (Jalap)

High John the Conquerer Root 1/4 Oz. (Ipomaea jalapa) (Jalap)

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One quarter ounce, cut and sifted.

High John Root (Ipomoea jalapa), also known as jalap root or John the Conqueror Root. Once a staple in Lewis and Clark's medical kit, the roots of this vigorous vine were prized for their medicinal properties. Primarily used as a purgative, High John was a common treatment for constipation, colic, and even intestinal parasites. Its effectiveness came at a cost, though, as the resinous root has an unpleasant taste and can induce nausea or vomiting. In higher doses, it can even be dangerous.

Despite its potential downsides, High John remained a popular medicinal herb for centuries. Even today, some herbalists continue to use it, though modern medicine offers safer and more refined laxatives. Interestingly, High John also found a place in the realm of folklore and magic. Nicknamed "John the Conqueror Root" in some cultures, it was carried as a good luck charm and used in rituals for protection and overcoming challenges. On the darker side, it can also be used for “controlling spells”.

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