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Herbal Detox Tonic 1 Oz.

Herbal Detox Tonic 1 Oz.

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Sold in 1 Oz. bottle, larger sizes available by special order.

A blend of the liquid extracts of:
~~ Red Clover leaf & flower (Trifolium pratense) 17%
~~ Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 17%
~~ Buckthorn aged bark (Frangula alnus) 17%
~~ Burdock seed (Arctium lappa) 9%
~~ Oregon Grape root (Mahonia (Berberis) aquifolium) 9%
** Stillingia root (Stillingia sylvatica) 9%
** Phytolacca root (Phytolacca americana) 9%
** Wild Indigo root (Baptisia tinctoria) 9%
~~ Prickly Ash bark (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) 4%
Potassium Iodide, USP (2% w/v)

** Fresh ~~ Dried

Action: The Hoxsey Formula is a classic example of what the medical herbalist calls an "alterative" or "depurative" and in traditional folk medicine is known as a "blood purifier". It acts through the lymphatic, glandular and mucous membrane systems, and to a lesser degree through the skin. Its primary action is to favorably alter disordered processes of the metabolic and catabolic humors, especially those associated with the breakdown and elimination of metabolic waste. Its related secondary action is to enhance better overall absorption & assimilation of nutrients.

Uses: Indicated in all constitutional disorders associated with tardy breakdown and elimination of metabolic and catabolic wastes, deterioration of normally healthy tissues, and slow reconstruction of new tissues (retrograde metabolism, dyscrasia and cachexia). Specific for chronic congestion and swelling in the lymphatic and glandular systems: lymph nodes, parotid, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, liver, spleen, Peyer's patches, prostate and ovaries. Also specific in chronic irritation and congestion of the mucous membranes (especially those of the bronchi, larynx, throat, and nasal cavities): laryngitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis. Can also be helpful in chronic constipation, arthritis, skin diseases (especially moist, red, irritable skin) and chronic middle ear infections. Also indicated as adjunct therapy in the treatment of cancer.

Dose: Three times per day, take 30 to 40 drops in a little water. Best taken between meals. While taking this compound drink plenty of water throughout the day. Continued use in obstinate conditions: Take drops 2 times per day, 6 days per week, 3 weeks per month.

Adjunct Therapy: To activate and potentiate the immune system add 30 to 40 drops of Echinacea Extract to each dose of the above.

Cautions: Do not take this compound if you are pregnant or nursing. This compound can be laxative with some individuals. This is not necessarily undesirable, but the dosage should be adjusted so its action is gentle and not severe. If gastric or intestinal discomfort occurs, use Lavender Spirits Compound, or drink some hot tea made from any combination of the following seeds: fennel, anise, caraway, dill, or coriander. This compound is not a substitute for qualified healthcare. If you have a medical condition that requires medical attention, you should promptly seek treatment by a qualified healthcare practitioner. All of the health problems listed above can lead to serious medical consequences. If symptoms persist, and especially if there is fever, promptly seek qualified healthcare.

This information is for educational and research purposes only. It is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any product, nor is it intended to replace qualified medical healthcare. If you have, or think you have a condition which requires medical attention, you should promptly seek qualified healthcare.

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