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Green Tea Extract 1 Oz.

Green Tea Extract 1 Oz.

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GREEN TEA (Camellia sinensis) Liquid extract of dried, unfermented young leaf
Sold in 1 Oz. Bottle (larger sizes available by special order.)
Actions:Green Tea's high content of catechins, flavonoids and other phenolic compounds makes it an excellent antioxidant (six times more so than black tea). Inhibits growth of tooth cavity-causing bacteria. Mild stimulant, astringent, diuretic and anti-inflammatory.
Uses:As an antioxidant to minimize the deleterious effects of environmental pollutants, inflammation or other forms of metabolic stress. Cancer prevention. As a mouthwash in prevention of dental cavities, and treatment of gum disease. Mild cases of diarrhea.
Dose:Take 30 to 40 drops, 3 or 4 times per day. As a mouthwash put 40 drops in 2 to 4 ounces of water and rinse mouth thoroughly.
Cautions:Although the caffeine content is low, some sensitive persons may experience nervousness, irritability or sleeplessness with large or too frequent doses.

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