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Goji Berry 1/2 Oz. (Lycium chinese mill)

Goji Berry 1/2 Oz. (Lycium chinese mill)

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One half ounce, cut and sifted.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Goji Berry (Lycium chinense), also known as the Chinese wolfberry, boasts a rich history intertwined with traditional medicine and folklore. Cultivated in China, references to its health benefits appear in ancient texts like the Shennong Bencao Jing, one of the earliest known materia medica. Prized for its longevity-enhancing properties, the bright red berries were a staple in tonics and herbal infusions.

The berries are believed to be rich in antioxidants and may support immune function. Goji Berry remains a popular herbal remedy in many parts of the world.

Beyond its medicinal applications, Goji Berry has magical traditions. In some cultures, Goji Berry is associated with longevity and good fortune. It may be incorporated into rituals or spells intended to promote vitality and ward off evil. The plant's thorny branches can also hold symbolic meaning, representing protection or resilience.

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