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Galangal Root 1 Oz. (Alpina officinalis) (Chewing/Low John)

Galangal Root 1 Oz. (Alpina officinalis) (Chewing/Low John)

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One ounce, cut and sifted. Also available by special request in powdered form for historical cooking.
Galanga or Galangale to the English is a group of roots used for food and medicine throughout the world. Although it started as a usable root in Asia it soon spread to Europe during the Middle Ages. It was first used as a seasoning and then abruptly dropped. It's medicinal uses included those weaknesses of the sports of Venus or lovemaking. The Chinese grew galangal for fresh plant in the treatment of stomach upset when mixed with lime juice. This of course grew abundantly locally. In India, the Middle East and Northern Africa it was eaten as the flavor is a cross between ginger and cardamon. Dried Galangal can be powdered in a mortar and pestle and used as seasoning or chewed raw, thus giving it the name of Chewing John.

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