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Eucalyptus Leaf 1 Oz. (Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus Leaf  1 Oz. (Eucalyptus globulus)

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One ounce, cut and sifted.100% Certified USDA Organic & Kosher.

Eucalyptus leaves (Eucalyptus globulus) is also known as Tasmanian blue gum or simply blue gum. Indigenous Australians have traditionally used eucalyptus leaves for medicinal purposes, applying them to wounds as a topical antiseptic. Following its introduction to Europe in the 9th century, eucalyptus oil, extracted from the leaves, gained popularity as a decongestant due to its remarkable antiseptic properties. Even today, eucalyptus oil is a common ingredient in cough suppressants and chest rubs.

Medicinal uses aren't the only one’s Eucalyptus leaf is known for. The fragrant leaves have found their way into culinary applications as well. Eucalyptus leaves are sometimes steeped in hot water to create a refreshing tea, particularly in Asia.

Eucalyptus leaf has also found a place in the realm of magick and folklore. In some traditions, eucalyptus is associated with purification and cleansing, and the leaves are burned to cleanse a space of negative energy. The invigorating aroma of eucalyptus is also believed to promote mental clarity and focus.

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