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Devil's Shoestring 1/2 Oz. (Vibumum alinfolium)

Devil's Shoestring 1/2 Oz. (Vibumum alinfolium)

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One half ounce, Root & Stem. Wildcrafted by DragonMarsh.

Devil’s Shoestring (Viburnum alnifolium), also known as hobblebush, stretches back to indigenous North American cultures. Widely distributed across eastern North America, Devil’s Shoestring earned its name due to its tendency to root wherever its branches touch the ground, creating a tripping hazard for the unwary. Traditionally, various tribes utilized different parts of the Devil’s Shoestring for medicinal purposes. For instance, the bark was used in decoctions to treat cramps and diarrhea, while the berries were employed as a laxative.

Devil’s Shoestring has also found its place in some magical traditions. Certain cultures associated the hobblebush with protection and purification. Branches were sometimes placed around dwellings to ward off evil spirits and used in spells to bind one’s enemies.

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