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Cranberry Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Cranberry Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

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Cranberry perfume oil, the tart and tangy aroma is the star of the show, though some lean sweet and juicy, with hints of orange, cherry, or raspberry. These fruity notes pair well with citrus oils like grapefruit or lemon, creating a bright and cheerful scent. Try pairing with vanilla or almond for a more sophisticated scent. The sweetness of these oils will temper the tartness of the cranberry, resulting in a warm and inviting aroma.

For a more seasonal perfume, pair with spices like cinnamon, clove, or nutmeg. These warm and inviting notes will evoke feelings of cozy comfort and holiday cheer. Pair cranberry with cedarwood or pine for a more woodsy scent,. The earthiness of these oils will ground the sweetness of the cranberry, creating a complex and intriguing perfume.

Cranberry perfume oil also has magical uses. It can be used to combat fatigue and improve mental clarity. Cranberry can also be used in spells for love, fertility, and prosperity. The tartness of the cranberry is associated with the fire element, which is seen as a symbol of passion and creativity. When used in magic, cranberry can help to attract new love, increase fertility, and bring about financial abundance.

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