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Cinnamon, Red Hot Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Cinnamon, Red Hot Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Product Details

Red Hot Cinnamon perfume oil is a spicy and invigorating perfume that captures the essence of the classic cinnamon candies, with a brighter, sweeter, and more intense cinnamon punch. This aromatic oil is well suited for oil burners and for candles, but is not a food grade extract and despite how it smells, should not be used in cooking, candy or toothpicks! So just don’t!

Red Hot Cinnamon perfume oil can be quite polarizing. Those who love cinnamon will find it delightful, a warm hug in a bottle, perfect for cozy evenings or chilly weather. But, for those who find cinnamon too strong or even cloying, red hot cinnamon might be a bit overwhelming.

If you find Red Hot Cinnamon perfume oil a bit much, consider pairing it Vanilla or other sweet perfumes like butterscotch or honey which will temper the spice and create a more gourmand-like perfume. For a more complex and autumnal scent, pair it with woody notes like sandalwood or cedarwood, or even a touch of earthy patchouli.

Magically, cinnamon is a powerful tool, being associated with fire energy, so it can be used for spells related to passion, motivation, and protection. Red hot cinnamon perfume oil, with its intense and attention-grabbing scent, can be a potent tool for manifesting these intentions. When used in rituals or spells, it can symbolize a burning desire or a strong will. 

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