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Caraway Essential Oil 1/8th Oz. (Carum Carvi)

Caraway Essential Oil 1/8th Oz. (Carum Carvi)

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Caraway essential oil, extracted from the seeds of a flowering plant related to Dill and Fennel, boasts a range of properties valued in aromatherapy. Its most prominent component, carvone, lends it a warming, slightly spicy aroma that can be invigorating and grounding. Inhaling Caraway oil through diffusion can help clear congestion and ease coughs, making it a valuable addition to respiratory blends. The oil's carminative properties also come into play here, potentially relaxing stomach muscles and relieving gas and bloating.

Beyond respiratory and digestive benefits, Caraway essential oil offers emotional and energetic support. It’s warm, comforting scent can be uplifting and mood-enhancing. When diffused, it may promote feelings of focus and concentration, making it suitable for use during study or creative work. For a calming effect, consider pairing Caraway with Lavender or Chamomile. To enhance its digestive benefits, blend it with Ginger or Fennel.

In the realm of magick, Caraway has traditionally been associated with protection, purification, and prosperity. Its energizing aroma can be incorporated into rituals intended to boost creativity, courage, or focus. Caraway oil can be diffused to create a space for brainstorming or undertaking new projects. To invite abundance and attract financial success, a diluted blend of Caraway and Cinnamon can be used to anoint candles or charms.

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