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Calamus Essential Oil 1/8th Oz. (Acorus Calamus)

Calamus Essential Oil 1/8th Oz. (Acorus Calamus)

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Calamus essential oil, extracted from the Acorus calamus root, boasts a rich history of use in aromatherapy. Its warm, spicy scent with a hint of sweetness is believed to promote mental clarity and focus. When diffused, calamus oil can create an invigorating atmosphere that may be helpful during meditation or studying. It's also considered to have grounding properties, potentially useful for those feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

For aromatherapy purposes, calamus oil blends well with several other essential oils. Lavender or Chamomile can enhance its calming effects, creating a relaxing pre-bedtime blend. Rosemary or Clary Sage, on the other hand, can elevate the stimulating properties of calamus, making it a more invigorating option for daytime use.

Beyond aromatherapy, calamus essential oil has also found a place in various magical practices. In some traditions, it's associated with mental stimulation and focus. It may be incorporated into rituals or spells intended to enhance memory, creativity, or communication. Calamus oil is also believed to possess protective qualities and can be used in spells for warding off negativity or promoting psychic protection.

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