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Blood Root 1/4 Oz. ( Sanguinaria canadensis)

Blood Root 1/4 Oz. ( Sanguinaria canadensis)

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1/4 Oz.,cut and sifted Blood Root. Certified 100% USDA Organic & Kosher

Bloodroot, a perennial with a history as colorful as the orange sap that oozes from its stems, has captivated humans for centuries. Native American tribes utilized it for various medicinal purposes. Infused teas were believed to soothe respiratory ailments and ease inflammation, while poultices made from the root addressed wounds and skin infections. The vibrant red sap held symbolic weight in certain cultures, representing vitality and transformation. Bloodroot is often incorporated into spells involving the circulatory system. Modern practitioners are advised to exercise extreme care when considering bloodroot for any purpose, and to always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before using it.

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