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Blackberry Leaf 1 Oz. Pkg (Rubis fruitcosus)

Blackberry Leaf  1 Oz. Pkg   (Rubis fruitcosus)

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One ounces, cut and sifted. Certified 100% USDA Organic & Kosher

Blackberry leaf boasts a rich history, with evidence suggesting early use by indigenous North American tribes who brewed teas for digestive ailments and coughs. In Europe, blackberry leaves were documented in Roman texts for their astringent properties, believed to be beneficial for wound healing and tightening loose gums. Even today, some herbalists recommend blackberry leaf tea for diarrhea and minor inflammations, thanks to its tannins that reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. Blackberry leaf has a well-deserved reputation for its soothing and astringent properties. It's also used for mild coughs and sore throats due to its anti-inflammatory properties. A lesser-known use is as a gargle for mouth ulcers and irritated gums, likely due to the same astringency valued by the Romans.

Blackberry leaf also holds a place in some magical traditions. In Celtic cultures, the blackberry was associated with protection and boundaries. The thorny brambles were seen as a ward against negativity, and some believed that leaving blackberry leaves on doorsteps deterred unwanted visitors. Blackberry leaves were also incorporated into rituals for healing and purification.

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