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Apricot Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Apricot Perfume Oil 1/4th Oz.

Product Details

Apricot perfume oil captures the aroma of a ripe, sun-warmed apricot. It has a sweet and juicy top note, reminiscent of peach and melon. The heart of the scent unfolds with a delicate floral character, often described as hints of jasmine or white lily. Apricot perfume oil finishes with a subtle warmth, thanks to base notes that can include vanilla or honey.

Apricot perfume oil pairs well with other oils to create unique and delightful profiles. For a fresh and summery perfume, combine it with citrus oils like bergamot or lemon, but for a more garden effect, pair it with new moan hay or clover, possibly tomato leaf as well. To enhance the apricot's sweetness, try layering it with vanilla or honey essential oils. If you're looking for a more complex scent, apricot pairs well with floral notes like rose or lavender.

In the realm of magick, apricots are associated with love, joy, and abundance. Apricot perfume oil can be used in spells or rituals to attract these energies. It can also be worn as a personal perfume to promote feelings of happiness and optimism.

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