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Amethyst Pendulum

Amethyst Pendulum

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Amethyst is said to be a "Stone of Spirituality and Contentment." balances intellectual, emotional and physical energy Amethyst is associated with water. Energies seem to flow easily through it. It is a wonderful meditation and healing mineral. Amethyst is said to aid in bringing serenity, calming ones mind and gaining inner peace. Amethyst is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, healing and positive transformation clears the aura, stability, and peace, and conducts calm. . It has been said to protect against manipulative situations by helping to provide a more in depth perspective and opening the spirit's eye to higher connectivity with that outside of concrete reason. This beautiful stone also enhances mental powers sharpening you thinking. Amethyst is highly adaptable and is able to work in a wide range of vibratory levels.

Each Pendulum will be unique and may vary slightly from the pictured items. This pendulum has a nice weight to it, with a 3 to 5 inch chain, which allows it to have a good circumference to its swing. This makes it easier to tell which direction the pendulum is going, which means that understanding the answers the pendulum offers you regarding your questions will be that much simpler.

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