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African Violet Perfume Oil 1/8th Oz.

African Violet Perfume Oil 1/8th Oz.

Product Details

African Violet perfume oil offers a delightful and relaxing scent experience. Due to its close relative, the common violet, African Violet perfume oil is thought to hold   the aromatherapy properties of violets calming and uplifting, easing anxiety and promoting feelings of peace with a darker floral scent. Use it before bed to create a tranquil atmosphere.

When it comes to pairing African Violet perfume oil with other perfumes, consider enhancing the floral theme, Rose or Lavender could be interesting choices. For a more complex and potentially mood-boosting blend, consider pairing African Violet with a citrus oil like Bergamot or Orange.

African Violet perfume oil can also be incorporated into magical practices, being associated with love, modesty, and faithfulness. If these qualities resonate with you, you might consider incorporating African Violet perfume oil into rituals or spells focused on attracting love or strengthening existing relationships.

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