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Stick Incense

About our Stick Incense:

We import almost all of our stick incense from the Far East, where the art of incense has been practiced for thousands of years. Most of our imported incense is prepared in a traditional manner known as 'masala'. For your interest, the process is detailed as such: First, the various ingredients of each particular incense blend are mixed together throughly, charcoal and binder are then added. Depending on the moisture content of the ingredients, water is added until the mixture becomes semi-pasty. Finally, the paste is hand-rolled onto a thin stick, and dried - resulting in a fabulous incense.

Some of our domestically prepared incense sticks are charcoal-coated sticks that have been dipped in essential oils. They are made with pure oil from plants, flowers or trees - no chemicals!

Our incense sticks come 15 to a package unless otherwise noted. The average burn time per stick varies from 15-25 minutes.

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