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Crystal & Mineral Spheres

Crystal & Mineral Spheres

Cut Crystals & Minerals

Cut Minerals & Crystals

About DragonMarsh Crystals

Our gemstones and crystals are individually selected for their beauty and beneficial energies. Inside the store, our stones are kept shielded from physical or psychic harm; small stones are kept in big jars, and crystal balls and spears are kept inside display cabinets. This ensures that the stones aren't disturbed too much, so their overall quality remains excellent. Our larger, higher quality stones are intuitively chosen from among hundreds, and are then 'interviewed', if you will, before they are placed for sale online. This allows curious customers to gain a better idea of the stone's energy and abilities without actually holding it. Customers interested in smaller stones (pocket sized) should know that we always hand-pick especially nice stones for our online customers.

In cultures throughout the world and over time, precious stones have been revered as objects of spirituality, beauty, healing, prosperity and power. Even during the Stone Age crystals were regarded as precious. The oldest collection of crystals discovered was found in a cave in Zhoukoudian, China with the remains of their collector, known as "Peking Man." The ancient Egyptian Papyrus Ebers, dated about 2500 B.C., lists the healing properties of gems for ailments both supernatural and physical. And the Gypsies, whose origins may be traced back to ancient India, are famous for scrying with crystal balls.

All natural crystals and gemstones are living organisms because they grow in the Earth. After a stone is taken away from the base rock which it was growing from, the loving and healing energy of the Earth remains in the crystal, for it is part of the nature of stones to retain energy (especially if it's good!). As such, crystals and most other stones have a life energy of their own. To learn more about crystals, gems, and minerals, check out Melody's book "Love Is In the Earth."
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