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Grains of Paradise (Heliotrope) Infused Oil

Grains of Paradise (Heliotrope) Infused Oil

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Grains of Paradise (Heliotrope)-infused oil. Placed beneath the pillow, heliotrope induces prophetic dreams. Heliotrope is used in exorcism incenses and mixtures, as well as healing sachets. When placed in the pocket or purse, it attracts wealth and money. Also ring green candles with it, then burn them right down. Use for anointing magickal objects, blessings, or in ritual.

This oil is made of pure DragonMarsh herbs infused in 100% pure vegetable oil and steeped for two months or longer. This infusion is prepared by the DragonMarsh aromatherapist.

Bottle contains one half ounce of oil.

(Please note that this isn't a perfume or essential oil.)

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