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DragonMarsh Candle FAQ

Basic Candle Types

Container/Jar: Any candle that is poured into a container and intended to be burned in the container. These candles are often made of soft wax and would not be able to stand on their own outside their enclosures. The container also prevents soft wax from dripping. Since these candles are safely contained in a vessel, they are often used in restaurants and in religious rituals that require long-burning candles.

Pillar: A candle with a geometrical cross section such as a circle, oval, or hexagon is called a pillar. It is usually referred to by its diameter followed by its height. For example, a 3-by 6-inch pillar would be 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches high.. Some tall pillars can also be refered to as tapers because they are tall but a true taper is tapered toward the top and a pillar has only a point at the very top. DragonMarsh’s most popular is a 1.5” x 9” circular pillar. DragonMarsh also carries an assortment of 7/8” x 6” pillars.

Taper: These are the long cylindrical candles that gently taper from base to tip, most often seen in tradional candleholders.Tapers are generally made 1/2 inch or 7/8 inch in diameter at the base because most holders are designed to fit these two sizes. There are, of course, exceptions, such as birthday candles (3/16 inch) and Danish tapers (1/4 inch). Hand dipped tapers must be cut apart & trimmed to use. DragonMarsh Carries gold & silver dipped tapers and an assortment of solid tapers.

How long will my candle burn?

Length of candle burning depends on the energy in the environment where it is burned and what has been added to the candle (such as oils & herbs). To make a candle burn longer- place in a freezer or fridge overnight before use. Freezer not recommended with jar candles.

These times are an average:

Figure candles- apx 4-6 hours

7-Day Jar Candles- apx 120 hours

9” pillars- apx 30 hours

It is believed that the way a candle burns and how fast or slow it burns can determine how successful or unsuccessful it will be. Many believe that a fast burning candle means that you will be successful fast, or that your candle is working hard for you and burning itself up in the process. Others believe that if a candle keeps going out that the person/situation may be resisting, or you need to do more work (or the candle is in a draft!). Many believe if a candle has problems burning it might be a sign that you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing!

My jar candle turned black! My candle keeps going out! My candle drips a lot! My candle is flickering! What does it mean?

After burning is completed, many people believe if your jar candle is completely black after burning it, then you need to do more work for that purpose. If your flame goes out during the work then the situation you are working for may be resisting or you need to do more work on it. If the jar is only half black then it may be that you will have a lot of problems in the beginning and then they will get better, but you likely still need to do more work on the situation or purpose.

Remember, environment will play a major role here as well. If your candle is in a place where the flame will be blown by air or tampered with in other ways (oils & herbs), then it may burn unusually. Often a wick that has not been trimmed to 1/4”-1/2” will create extra soot. So, be sure your candle is placed where you can get an accurate evaluation.

Are your Candles Dressed or Undressed? Are they Programmed?

All our candles come undressed or “virgin”. All candles should be programmed prior to lighting or when relighting by visualizing your intent. If you would like your candles dressed for a small fee please email us.

Are your candles Scented?

All our candles are unscented except for the Bayberry Jar candle. To scent your candles, we suggest looking at the Essential & Perfume oils to your left.

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