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Candle Color Info

The uses for candles often depend upon their color. In ancient times candles were not colored and certainly not the bright clear hues of candles today. Historical candles took on the color of the fat, oils, wax and sometimes herbs used in making the candle. Most often they were off white to brown in color. Beeswax candles were costly (common people would rather have had the honey to eat/sell than the wax for candles) and mainly used by churches. Color in candles is a relatively new invention and the colors are for beauty and to help YOU focus.

Color is very important in candle magic. Color has subtle influences and each one vibrates at a different frequency. Because of the different effects of color on the human psyche and the surrounding environment, different colored candles are used for different magical end-results.

We have included here, descriptions and properties of each color using a combination of traditional & modern color charts your intent. Please select the color(s) you need. Remember the most important thing is what “feels right” to you. If you are distracted by the color of your candle, you will not be able to focus well in your work.

White: White can be used to replace any color candle you do not have.
Blessings, Blessings to thank a higher power, Cleansing, Fight /ward off enemies, Peacefulness, Protection, Purity, Raise vibrations of positive light, Repel negative & destructive forces, Spirituality, Virginity.

Black: If you are worried your neighbors will look funny at the black candle burning, replace with a White candle.
Absorption and destruction of negative energy, Absorb Illnesses and nasty habits, Baneful energies, Banishing Magic, Binding, Break unwanted patterns, Casting out, Clear away blocks, Closing of doors, Creates a void and vacuum that you can fill with another wanted energy, Crone energies, Divination, Endings, Lost items, Mirror scrying, Mystery and secrets, New moon magic, Protection, Releasing energy or Exorcisms, Repelling negativity, Remove creative blocks, Repulsion, Solving questions or mysteries, Sorrow, Reversing, Transformation, Uncrossing, Understand your karma.

Grey: Grey can also replace Silver.
Cleanse unwanted energies, Destroying negative forces, Erasing Negative feelings, Erase/ cancel something out which has been sent out, Lessens the impact of mistakes, Neutralizes stress, Past life recall, Reaching Compromises.

Red: Anger, Blood of the Moon, Career Goals, Conquers fear, Courage, Desire, Driving Force, Energy, Enthusiasm, Fire, Fast Action, Impulsiveness, Life, Love, Lust, Magnetism, Passion, Protection against ones enemies, Protection and defensive magic, Romantic atmosphere, Sexual attraction, Survival, Strength, Vibrancy, Vitality, Ward off jealousy and hate, Will power.

Pink: Affection, Banishment of negative thoughts/fears/entity's or ill intent of others, Beauty, Caring straight from the heart & selfless caring, Compassion, Diplomacy, Emotional love, Femininity, Friendships, Harmony, Healing of Emotions, Helps heal the damages of abuse/accidents/trauma, Honor, Love, Leadership, Morality, Nurturing and sympathetic magic, Partnership of Emotional Maturity, Peace, Planetary good will, Relaxation, Self love, Service, Spiritual awakening, Unselfishness.

Orange: Action, Adaptability, Ambition, Attracts luck and money, Authority, Business Goals, Career Goals; Changes, Confidence, Discourages laziness & promotes down to earth light hearted fun, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Joyfulness, Justice, Gambling encouragement, Gives needed energy, Good fortune, Healing, Helps break out of the doldrums or a rut, Hopefulness, Hospitality, Legal Matters, Mental clarity, Organization Strength, Property Deals, Receptivity, Sealing a spell, Self-control, Stimulation, Success, Vitality.

Yellow: Yellow can also replace Gold
Air, Ability to retain things that are learned, Action, Activity, Calming mood swings, Calming tensions, Cheerfulness, Clairvoyance, Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Divination, Drive away jealousy and envy, Establish knowledge or gain insight to problems or upset, House blessing, Intelligence, Imagination, Learning, Mental unbalance corrected, Power of the mind, Protection, Success, Unity.

Green: Abundance, Ambition, Balance, Better business, Cooperation, Creative ideas, Employment, Fertility and childhood growth, Gambling luck, Generosity, Good crops, Good luck, good fortune, Growth, Growing, Monetary Success; Mother Nature, Overcoming greed or envy, Physical Healing, Plants, Personal Goals, Prosperity, Regeneration, Rewards, Steady work, Success, Tree and Plant Magic.

Blue: Astral travel, Calmness, Calming, Healing energies, Creativity, Deep emotion meditation, Depresses excess energy, Devotion, Fidelity, Forgiveness, Good Fortune; Happiness, Honesty, Immortality, Inspiration, Insomnia, Justice, Kindness, Loyalty, Opening blocked communication, Patience, Peace, Reassurance, Relieves worry and stress, Serenity, Spiritual Inspiration; Spiritual wellness, Subduing, Tranquility, Truth, Water, Wisdom, Woman's magic

Purple: Astral travel, Command, Concentration, Control over self, Court cases, Dignity, Divinination, Dreams, Governmental issues, Hidden knowledge, High idealism, Honor, Independence, Knowledge, Meditation, Obedience, Overcome odds or competition, Pride, Protection, Progress, Repels negativity, Psychic awareness, Respect, Self assurance, Spirituality, Wealth, Wisdom, Work success, Victory

Brown: Attune with nature, Concentration, Court cases, Determination, Earth, Earth magic, Find lost items, Firmness, Grounding & centering, Growth, Herb magic, Indecision, Long term achievements, Overcoming hesitation, Peace in the home, Pet magic, Pet Healing, Planting, Success in business, Stability.

Gold: Attracts higher influences, Attracts energy, Attracting positive people to your life, Gambling luck, Good business & financial success, Happiness gains, Invoking the sun Power of the Male, Money, Power, Prosperity, Success, Wealth, God energies

Silver: Adaptable. Astral Energies, Clairvoyance, Communication, Conducts energy, Dreams, Female Power, Feminine health issues, Goddess energies, Intuition, Invoking the Moon, Lunar energy, Meditation, Menopause, Moon magic, Mysticism, Opens astral gates, Receptivity, Removes negative forces, Telepathy, Women's mysteries secrets- especially any of the Rites of Passage– from childhood to puberty to fertility, in pregnancy.

Specialty color:

Reversing: (half red, half black OR black over red) These are also called Reversible Action Candles, Blood candles or double action candles depending on the exact coloring. All have two colors: red & black. Use these candles to reverse a situation, reverse negative energy from yourself and send it back to the sender, or uncrossing. Draws out and destroys negativity, replacing it with positive energy; returns negativity to its source.

Reversible Action Candles, Blood candles: These appear to be black candles, but they are really red candles coated with a layer of black wax. As the inner color drips over the outer color (some say it looks like blood), it works to dispel evil and send it back from wherever it came. It has more strength than a regular black candle in doing this, and it also has the added bonus of drawing good luck to you after removing the bad luck.If the candle decides not to drip then just cut a little notch in the side of the top rim until the wax comes out. DragonMarsh carries these in 9” pillars and male & female shapes.

Double Action Candles: These are half red and half black, they symbolize the positive and negative influences in your life. It is used to draw positive things to you and reverse negative things away from you. DragonMarsh carries these in 9” pillars and Jar Candles.

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