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Classes - DragonMarsh Classes

Class Schedule - DragonMarsh Classes

About DragonMarsh Classes Dragonmarsh offers a complete range of classes throughout the year, with diverse topics such as candle magick, religious history, herbalism, aromatherapy, bodice making, and other hands-on activities for those interested in learning new things or being creative. One-night classes cost a minimal fee to cover for student-kits which contain all of the materials for the class; classes which meet repeatedly will reflect a cost conducive to the amount of materials and time needed.

The teachers of our classes are also the people who run the store. During the day we're just regular people, but in the evening when the day is done, we like to have some fun! All of our teachers have open minds and are only concerned with teaching others how to use their own natural abilities. We do not recommend one way of doing things - whether it be leather crafting or meditation - as being superior to any other; we simply share what has worked for us.

Please note: Advance registration for classes is recommended. And: These are adult (or mature teenager) classes, with no child care facilities available. Please make arrangements to have an at-home baby-sitter on the night of your class, or you may be asked to transfer your class fee to a class at a later date. Thank you.

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