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Dragon Thoughts

I would like to thank all of you folks who have signed up for our DragonBytes! DragonMarsh newsletter over the years, and it is with mixed emotions that I am announcing suspension of the monthly DragonBytes! newsletter.

When we started publishing DragonBytes! almost 18 years ago, it was a double wide sheet, mailed out by the USPS. Over the next few years, it continued to grow, until it was taking 2 employees almost 2 weeks to prepare for mailing, and between printing & mailing, was starting to cost us a lot. I mean a lot..

Right about then, here comes a new concept, something called the "internet", where you could send out electronic created mail, or "email". We embraced the concept wholeheartedly, and as tech changed, so did the newsletter, with more information. With higher transfer speeds, pictures could be included. The newsletter was added to our website, and eventually full HTML newsletters were inserted in mail.

But times change, tech changed along with it. New methods of communication, Instant Messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Bulletin board systems, gave way to "groups" and this thing called "the cloud". We get our information "breaking live", "simulcast", much faster than ever before. And as a result, things like newsletters just are not being read as much anymore, hence our decision to drop monthly publishing of DragonBytes!

Now, thats not to say we won't send anything out, DragonSnacks!, (our "shorter than a full newsletter, but longer than twitter will allow") will still be sent out from time to time, with special information and sales & such like that. And I will be spending the time I used to work on the newsletter, working on improving the website.

Thanks Neighbors, it's been a fun ride, though I won't miss the 2:00 am bleary eyed typing, or the time I had everything set to go out & woke up the next morning to find I had not pushed the "send" button, or any number of "fails" that had me hanging my head, or howling with laughter. I think I'll sign off with my usual greeting..

Thanks for letting us send this information to you & we hope to see you soon..

'Till the next Byte, make that Snack

The Dragon

Waving Dragon

You are receiving this newsletter as a result of signing up for it at DragonMarsh or having requested it online. DragonBytes and DragonSnacks are information services from DragonMarsh©. Your Privacy is important to us! DragonMarsh will NOT SELL or TRADE your e-mail address or any other information to ANYONE for any reason. If you didn't sign yourself up for our newsletter, and would like to be removed from our mailing list, please unsubscribe via our web interface at http://www.dragonmarsh.com/dots. To contact us for any reason, including questions and comments, please e-mail the store at dragonmarsh@aol.com.

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